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Ryder Cup Results

2022-09-11 22:12:48

Thirty-four players played 27 holes and 3 different formats ( Scramble, Alternate Shot, Better Ball Net) on a rainy day at The Hollow.

Dave Rounds and Dave Kievit won the title with a 27 hole combined score of 100.1. Jim and Pat Colling were 2nd at 100.7. Jerry Belcher and Bob Monroe 3rd at 101.1 (USGA tiebreaker). Bob Ciaburri and Wayne Pierleoni 4th at 101.1. 5th Dan Mahoney and Todd May at 102. 6th Randy Murphy and Charlie Balog at 103.1. 7th Steve Dare and Bub Gage with 104.4.

Congratulations to all who played and thank you for participating in this fun event.