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Benson Road Bridge repair use zip code 13152

2018-07-14 10:25:16

Urgent traffic notice -
Benson Road is Closed at the intersection of 38 A & Benson for bridge repair -The detour route is in Zip code 13152 for GPS Maps.
You will be directed around our neighbors back to the Golf Course
take 38 A to Route 359- bear left at Weeks Rd - turn left onto Lacy Road. Turn left on Benson

We highly recommend our patrons use one of these routes from the Auburn city area because of road and bridge construction.
1. From 38A south (Owasco Rd.) turn left onto Melrose Road (Smiley’s florist) and continue on Melrose for about 6 miles where Melrose becomes Baptist Corners Rd. Baptist Corners Rd. ends at Benson Rd. Turn right on Benson Rd. and go south for 2 miles to the course. (11 minutes from Smiley’s)
2. Go east on Route 20 toward Skaneateles for about 3 miles from the city limit. After you pass Pine Ridge Rd. on the left begin looking right in about a half mile further for Beech Rd. Turn right and go straight ahead where Beech Rd. becomes Melrose Rd. which becomes Baptist Corners Rd. which ends at Benson Rd. Turn right on Benson and go to the course. (10 minutes from Route 20)
3. From 38 A go to stop sign at intersection of 38 A and RT 359- take RT 359 then bear left at Weeks rd - turn left onto Lacy road. Turn left on Benson